Little blue skies

Everything you will see on this page has been handmade (with tons of love:) and it’s completely unique.

Nature is my inspiration and your joyful faces are my motivation. :)

Stay tuned for my new collection of bangles that capture the marvelousness of the oceans.

My website is still being worked on and the Shop is still being integrated in it, so in the meantime feel free to Contact me on my mail for any inquiries or orders.
If you like something but it says SOLD, don't hesitate to contact me because I can make it again. Though please note that it will never be an exact same copy.

I want to shout out loud a huge ‘THANKS!’

for getting soOo many visitors on my website from all around the globe.
And I’ve found a wonderful way to do it! 🙂 I am giving away 7 pendants from my Pickled Spring collection to 7 lucky people from different continents! I love giving presents! 🙂
If you want to be a lucky receiver, follow me on fb! <3


Hope you find your favorite piece of jewelry right here! 🙂 Hope your skies are blue all the way! ^.^

I love personalizing things, so I would be delighted to make all your ideas come to life, so you can feel as special as you truly are while wearing my art. ^_^

The name of the brand was born from my endless love for the sky. Looking up at the blue vastness always brings a fresh perspective. The weather affects my mood, so when it’s all greyish outside and my inspiration refuses to leave its bed, even a little patch of blue skies among grey clouds is enough to give me hope, to remind me that even if clouds is all I can see, the sky is still blue above them. And my inspiration miraculously comes back! 🙂

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